Desire Art Company

Derire Art Company

First time I met the children with disabilities was about 6 years ago.Since at that time, i started to go to help them oftenly.Actually, I didnt have any ideas about this charity activity at the time, I was just going to help them that’s all.

One day, I got  a really shocking encounter.One little boy who has very heavy autism was drawing a commercial design.

the picture was copied really accurate and unbelievable quality with no samples at all.i was really shocked  and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the picture.

Since at the time, I started to drawing pictures with the children because I got to know they are so talented.I was wondering just draw some pictures with them will be so fun and easy because I am an artist. Im drawing pictures everyday just like breezing as my lifework.

However, that was very tough and much more harder than I thought.Some children are unable to speak to get communication enough, and some others couldn’t move them body easily.When we were drawing, sometime they just broke crayons, ate them, and through them.also some of them just kept pricking someone with color pencils, started to drawing on them shurts or hands.Though I couldn’t stop drawing with those children because I knew they were gifted and talented.

At the end of those days, they became able to put them amazing energy on a paper to expression them talent and those pictures were absolutely amazing.

The pictures were increased day by day, and that thing made me wonder I would love to help people around them and those parents.

That is the reason why I started to organizing this art charity called [ Desire Art Company ](we called it DAC) and the goal of DAC is establishing the art of mentally handicapped children.

Just express them passion as regardless of the market economy of art.There is no wasteful commonsense and attractiveness only completely pure sense.

What I would like to share through DAC is anybody can make people moved and everyone has gifted.Once you got to know about it, that thing will make your heart abundant just like I felt.If I could see someone that I can share with that emotion, It will be so wonderful.