Chemi Akutami

Chemi Akutami was born in Gifu City in Gifu Prefecture in 1979.  His mother was an artist, and he grew up drawing pictures as a hobby.

At the age of 32, Chemi started his life as an artist.  He first painted on canvases and found that canvases were not suitable for his art.  After he tried many materials such as stones, wood, and more, he came across Japanese paper, washi.  He has worked on various kinds of washi, and he realized that Mino washi from Gifu, his hometown, is the best material to express his art.

Hidekazu Ishihara is an artistic craftsman of traditional Mino Washi.  Chemi was moved so much by Mr. Ishihara’s washi and he became his apprentice.  Now he is practicing to make his own washi to create and work with his artworks.  He also created his own way to show his art with Mino Washi.  The technic is called Rakusui-sukiyo (落水透世).

He had his first exhibition at a gallery in Le Marais in Paris and a curator from Versace liked his artwork.  His work was used at an event called “VERSACE Fashion Art 2015″ in Monte Carlo.  His goal is to introduce Mino Washi and the beauty of Japanese contemporary art.